About me and my blog

Who controls your inner voice right now? I do.. and who am I? Impossible to say. You might know me, you might not. I hate introductions. I have a short attention span for most things. What do I do? Why do I write on this blog? I am a lost twenty-eight-year-old studying a phd in literature (lancaster,UK,) specialising in the presence and influence of art movements in/on 20th century literature. I love art and it was always my favourite subject in school and college.. I got the highest grades, won all the awards.. and then I decided to study literature at university.. and I’ve done that ever since.. but I said to myself I’m still going to keep something of art with me, of my true passion.. so that’s what I did! I write here on my blog in order to ESCAPE CONTROL (Burroughs reference) from my research every once in a while, & to try out other experimental stuff, to try out poetry, stories, and to share and explore new artists and philosophers who interest me… as you’ll see I tend to go through phases of extreme interest in something or someone, and read lots and lots by and about that person… and then completely lose interest and try to find someone else more new and exciting. I’m the same with food. There’s only a few vegetables and fish left in the world before I’m cursed to an eternity of green tea and digestive biscuits.. oh shit.

readers, friends, fellow bloggers, thank you for reading any of my posts, I love you. And if you ever fancy a creative collaboration of some kind, a story or poem or project of any creative kind then please get in touch, I’d love that.