About me and my blog

Who writes these words you are reading? Who controls your inner voice right now? Well that would be telling. I will however tell you what I do, and why I write here on this blog. I am studying towards a phd in literature in the UK, specialising in the presence and influence of art movements on 20th century literature. I write here on my blog in order to escape from my research every once in a while, to try out other more experimental stuff, to exercise my mind a little with creative writing and other mini side projects..

Here I write an eclectic mix of essays, experimental poems, very occasional film/book reviews, I compile artwork, book and philosophy quotes, and write short fiction. I essentially compile The stuff which interests me..¬† which is at the forefront of my mind. It is a kind of diary of my random thoughts and ideas which often coincides with what I’m reading and writing about in research. So thank you for reading any of my posts, and remember¬†what Nietzsche once said: ‘Whoever believed he had understood something of me had dressed up something out of me after his own image’…