Dr Nathan’s journal – 1975

20/11/75 – 7.35pm. Something has been troubling me these past few weeks: if it were  possible to create a mathematical formulation of the unconscious, as so many of my colleagues are now purporting, then what are we but a complex algebra?

i have an idea as to how we might test the theory. We know that the typical psyche is expected to go through a very strict and coordinated set of familial events, this having been adopted through natural selection. But this was no doubt destabilized upon the advent of consciousness.

The test – our unique historical situation enables for potentially omniscient surveillance, and so  are surely at a point whereby the rigorous systematisation of a subject’s movement from infancy into adulthood may be undertaken: every single minute action and interaction monitored, every visually instilled familial and objective association tracked, systematised and monitored. The Oedipus complex captured on film – my what a challenge and a triumph!

22/11/75 – 11.45pm. we know symbolisation centers around vision, which subverts all other senses. this can be verified by one simple fact: no congenitally blind child has ever become schizophrenic. Could this fact alone could indeed be enough to pinpoint the exact emergence of consciousness?

inner thought is, for now, technologically inscrutable. However the subjective appropriation of the outside world which is observable enables us to observe that so crucial moment of symbolic totality – when the veil of metaphor conceals all, and the birth of consciousness in childhood emerges. To see this moment on film – is as close to seeing the creation of a universe that we will ever come.

Traven – his transformation has not yet come. his malformed symbolic constitution leaves him in a world of fragments – pieces of real and pieces of words which blur and waver. his inner world is a kaleidoscope, refracted and reconstructed to fit a unique logic. In viewing Traven’s spectacular impunity we must recall Laing’s assertion that the “the cracked mind of the schizophrenic may let in light which does not enter the intact minds of many sane people whose minds are closed”.

24/11/75 – 2.30am. the test – what is needed? Eye-cameras for symbolic tethers. 2 identical subjects, twins – we  weed out the environmental from the genetically inherited factors which could influence the development of language. we already know the Oedipus complex is nothing more than algebra, but what of the rest?